Target Market Identification

Find your best customers.

If you are targeting everyone, then you are targeting no one. Bolster your marketing and resonate with new audiences with our consumer segmentation solution.

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Win over customers faster with our responsive research process.

Review Hypothesis and Audience

Our team works with you to identify the initial story driving your search for great customers. From this, we build out consumer behaviors and attributes that accurately represent the core of your question.

Develop Insights-Driven Surveys

Surveys need to properly target the right people with the right question to get the best answer. We develop, optimize, and measure our surveys in-house to apply our expertise throughout the entire process.

Map to our Comprehensive Database

Our proprietary consumer database is constantly growing with thousands of CBD and cannabis consumers. This builds a realistic foundation for better segmentation, existing consumer analysis, and developing the profile of your next customers.

Analyze with Real Humans

Data is only as good as the stories you can tell with it. Our experienced team of researchers dive into the survey results to pull relevant insights and develop an actionable plan.

Deliver the Answers

We package up the data, insights, and plan and walk you through the results in an in-depth conversation - answering any clarifying questions you may have.

Visualize for Your Team

Many of our clients want to interact with the data we gathered. We can build a custom dashboard for your specific solution that gets updated on a semi-annual basis as more database grows more powerful.

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