We hate unanswered questions.

We are the leading social listening-enabled research firm serving the global cannabis, CBD, and emerging wellness industries.


Emerging Industries are Hard to Navigate. Strategic, forward-looking data is essential to success. Relying on single-source, time-locked data leads to unanswered questions.

We hate unanswered questions.

These industries require innovative, helpful, and responsive insights that look at the big picture and better influence tomorrow's decisions.

The Future of Consumer Insights

Introducing a groundbreaking approach to consumer research: the seamless fusion of trusted consumer survey data and cutting-edge social media insights. Brightfield delivers the best of both worlds, presenting a comprehensive view of your audience's behaviors, preferences, and needs, while keeping you ahead of the curve with real-time predicted trends across multiple data sources.

Our unique methodology interweaves consumer surveys and social media data, which enables you to predict attributes and content within the broader social landscape.

Discover Your Brand's True Potential

Wondering where your brand fits in? Our unique approach combines the reliability of traditional consumer panel data with custom brand health studies and real-time insights from social listening. We analyze key dimensions including personas, your brand, and your product category to provide a comprehensive understanding of where your brand fits in. Unlike other services, we seamlessly connect data sources using the same core dimensions and presentation, resulting in an easily digestible understanding of your current and potential consumers.

Master Our Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Our interactive dashboards allow you to seamlessly pivot between a top-down view of psychological or lifestyle profiles and the individual words or influencers that consumers engage with in their daily lives.

By creating easy-to-understand personas, we refine our predictions of your target audience, helping your marketing team connect with customers more deeply

Our platform provides the exact data points, or combinations thereof, to validate convictions or reveal possibilities you didn't know existed— sharing the endless insights with others is as simple as a snapshot and download.

Empowering Brands with Innovative Insights

We offer a true innovation platform, akin to having top experts by your side. We provide all relevant data sources, characteristics of the trend you're working to identify, corresponding stories that inspire others to listen, and the expertise to help you answer with confidence.

Elevate your brand by connecting it not only to your consumers' lifestyle but to their core—the elements that keep them ticking and thriving. Don't settle for outdated research methods—embrace the power of integrated consumer survey and social media insights to forge meaningful connections with your audience.

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