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Our Methodology

Brightfield Group incorporates a multi-source methodology to collect information from all sides of the legal cannabis industry. This is triangulated into our final products, resulting in the most accurate and insightful data available for our clients.

Our Methods

At Brightfield Group, we know that when it comes to opaque industries, there is no one magical data source that will give you a full view of the market. So we have created a massive ecosystem of data about all sides of the legal cannabis market, analyzing it from the consumer to the dispensary to the manufacturer and the grower.

We have surveyed more than 10,000 cannabis consumers and have conducted hundreds of interviews with cannabis business owners and managers around the country. We collect sales data from our strategic partners and conduct digital menu audits of thousands of dispensaries across the country every month, giving us insights into the brands, products and pricing.

These are combined with all published statistics on patient counts, taxation data, consumption rates and company reports, and analyzed in the context of each market's regulatory framework. Our team of expert analysts then triangulate these inputs into our final models to produce carefully crafted data that gives our clients a clear understanding as to where the market is going and why. It empowers our clients to get ahead of the competition and make the wisest investments and expansion strategies.

We survey thousands of cannabis consumers and medical patients to understand more about their consumption and purchasing behaviors.

We conduct interviews with dispensary owners and manufacturers across the country to hear about what is happening on the ground and see the industry from their side.

We produce the same data points on each state and metro area, allowing us (and our clients) to directly compare overall sales and sales per capita, per patient, per dispensary across different states and metro areas. We use these different data sources to triangulate our numbers and arrive at the most comprehensive data and deepest market and consumer insights possible.