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Brightfield’s full data ecosystem and in-depth consumer insights drive revenue growth across multiple vectors.

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Optimize your marketing budget by establishing authentic connections with your customers.

Consumer data and market forecasts help marketers create more effective and relevant marketing content that resonates with target audiences, increases engagement, and drives conversions.

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Target Messaging

Leverage consumer data to identify the needs, preferences, and pain points of target consumers, and craft messaging that speaks directly to those audiences

Personalize Content

Personalize transactional content like paid ads, nurtures, and promotional campaigns to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Analyze Trends

Brightfield’s market forecasts pinpoint emerging trends and anticipate shifts in consumer behavior using social and survey data.

Optimize Channels

Prioritize social channels and budget allocation where target consumers are most active and receptive.


Find whitespace in the market, pressure test your intuitions and drive growth.

Brand, consumer, and retail data provide valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making, drive innovation, and optimize sales and marketing efforts. Stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities in the marketplace.

Identify trends and opportunities

Get market trends, consumer behavior, and purchase patterns that can inform strategic decision making and identify opportunities for innovation.

Develop products

Develop new products that meet unmet needs or address pain points of target consumers. Leverage retail data to inform decisions about go-to-market strategies.

Analyse Competitive Field

Use brand data for insights into the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, allowing for more informed strategic decisions and more effective innovation efforts.

Optimize Sales

Retail data to optimize sales and distribution strategies, ensuring that products are available in the right stores and channels to maximize revenue.


Develop products for new consumer segments to expand share of wallet.

Our data ecosystem is a valuable resource for product development, providing insights into what consumers want and need, and guiding the creation of products that meet those needs. Create products that appeal to previously untapped consumer segments, expanding your market reach and driving new sales.

Conduct consumer research

Consumer data can gain insights into the preferences, habits, and pain points of target consumers. This information can be used to identify gaps in the market and develop products that meet those needs.

Analyze purchase patterns

Retail data can provide insights into what products are selling well and what consumer segments are buying them. This information can be used to identify potential new consumer segments that may be interested in similar products.

Leverage social media

Social media platforms can provide a wealth of information about consumer preferences and behavior. By analyzing real-world social media conversations, marketers can gain insights into what products consumers are interested in and what features they are looking for.

Create buyer personas

Buyer personas are fictional representations of ideal customers based on data and insights. By creating buyer personas based on consumer data, marketers can develop products that are tailored to the needs and preferences of specific consumer segments.


Pitch with confidence using multidimensional data in investor conversations and sell decks.

Write more compelling investor pitches and sell decks with Brightfield’s multidimensional data. By providing evidence, demonstrating trends, identifying opportunities, and providing context, you can increase confidence, drive revenue growth, and optimize investment.

Increase credibility

Support claims about market size, growth potential, and consumer behavior to increase the credibility of pitches and decks. Data-backed arguments increase conversion.

Improve understanding

Better communicate market opportunities, the competitive landscape, and target consumer segments to build investor confidence and increase the likelihood of securing funding.

Gain competitive advantage

Inform investor pitches and sell decks to capture coverage and shelf space from even the most competitive vendors.

Optimize messaging

Ensure your investor pitches and sell decks resonate with target audiences to increase engagement, drive conversions, and ultimately lead to increased funding and sales.

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