Qualitative & Quantitative Insights Solutions

Find opportunities, validate ideas, take your analysis to the next level, make strategic adjustments, and launch with confidence in any economy.

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With our full range of custom research services, we provide the insights and information you need to make informed decisions for your business.


Evaluate the potential of new ideas with minimal risk. Move ahead with confidence when introducing a new product or pondering a new marketing approach. Our concept testing gives you the insights you need to shine.

Usage & Attitudes

Get a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior for more effective marketing strategies and better product offerings. Whether you're trying to grow into new markets, find whitespace, or inform innovation, our custom attitudes and usage studies will help you uncover and quantify consumer activity.

Brand Health
Measurement & Tracking

Monitor the performance of your brand at a higher resolution with targeted brand health tracking. Our custom brand health measurement and tracking services get answers to a curated list of questions you need resolved to improve brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, or drive sales.

In-home Usage

Our in-home usage tests offer hands-on product testing, giving you an inside look at how consumers engage with your goods in a real-world context. This valuable information helps you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about product development and marketing.

Opportunity Analysis

Enter new countries or tap into new demographics. Identify new markets to expand your business, reach new audiences, and discover new sources of revenue. Our opportunity analysis provides insights that point to your strongest markets for global growth.

Target Market

Our target market identification services help you reach your desired audience, allowing you to create targeted marketing strategies and improve customer engagement. Identify bullseye consumer segments for your product, understand the size of those segments, and determine the market opportunities for your products. Strategically grow your customer base and identify opportunities to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.

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