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We only make it look easy.

CBD can be a tough industry. We’ve got a healthy product that people love, but total success is somehow just out of reach. The FDA? Not helping. Farm Bill?
Nope. S.A.F.E.? Not safe for us. If McDonald’s had faced these challenges, they’d have never made it out of Illinois.

First price compression hit. Then Delta-8 with all its concomitant messiness. Economic issues. Regulatory hurdles. You name it.

But nothing keeps us down for long. Seems like every 12 months we reinvent ourselves, but all this adaptation comes at a high cost. We need optimal visibility into the consumer and the market to make the right move at the right time. Again and again and again.


Since 2015, Brightfield has offered a full data ecosystem for the CBD industry.


Find new consumers and strengthen brand loyalty. Brightfield is the best source for actionable CBD consumer insights. We help companies cater to their customers' ever-evolving needs and develop the products that truly resonate.

Equip your marketing team with the tools to devise a brand strategy and create messaging that nurtures genuine consumer connections.

Brand Health

Evaluate your brand strategy by assessing your brand's connection with customers and identifying whitespace in the market. Develop your marketing scorecard, refine your brand strategy, and measure your performance against competitors. Determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, allocate your marketing budget wisely, and develop brand equity over time.


Partner with Brightfield Group’s Insights Team to design projects, collect data, and discover insights across the areas that are most important to you.

Quickly identify the ideal market, field test your ideas, and cultivate enduring customer relationships with a tailored approach. Leverage our custom research and reporting to gain prompt clarity at each product development stage, as emerging markets move swiftly.


Get a comprehensive view of the market to identify opportunities in CBD and drive business strategy. Make impactful decisions with multi-sourced data that dives into category leaders, realistic market forecasts by product and channel, and regularly updated analysis from our team of analysts.


CBD consumers have granted Brightfield an intimate look into their lives online, including what they post, who they follow, and what matters to them most. Combined with our consumer data portal this social listening offers a window into buyers that you will not find anywhere else.
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