Connect with your consumers at their core.

Get unmatched visibility into who your consumers are to drive sales, loyalty and brand awareness.

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Our powerful toolset helps you leverage the forces that truly shape consumer behavior.

Meet them where they are

Smart marketing spend reaches consumers where they are now. Know where they get their information, how they spend their time, what they’re buying, how much, how often, where, and why.

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Data visualization showing social data like hashtags used
Speak to them in their own language

Reach customers on a personal and emotional level by mirroring the way they speak about shopping for and engaging with your product across multiple social channels.

Sell to their needs & desires

Humans aren't rational creatures, and we don’t always know what moves us. Craft messaging that speaks directly to what they deeply need and develop an emotional connection.

Illustration showing need states, desired effects, and consumer behaviors
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Engage their personalities, opinions, and interests

Marketing that sparks a conversation drives engagement. Develop persona profiles and marketing strategies that speak to a deep understanding of who your customers are, what they like, and what they’re thinking.

Shift the conversation to their lives

Use first-person consumer data to shift the conversation to your customer’s life and how you can improve it. Target not just who they are but who they want to become.

Illustration showing consumer data like stress tactics and wellbeing attitudes
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Find out what your customers are really saying.

We offer an unmatched layer of visibility into your customers’ inner lives.

We host a vibrant community of more than 100,000 consumers who share insights from their daily lives and social interactions. This gives us a unique perspective into their preferences, communication styles, and values. Discover detailed insights into their conversations, who they engage with, and what they value the most.

To pull trends for more widely applicable insights, we apply Natural Language Processing to their posts to develop personality and interest profiles.


Grasp and navigate emerging categories using social listening and survey data in a user-friendly platform.

Find more customers and convert them into loyalists.

Innovate and market in-demand products before your competition.

Find new customers for your existing products and grow share-of-wallet.

Lower cost of business with smarter marketing spend.

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