Spotlight what’s ahead at the state level.

Layer inventory data and consumer sentiment analysis to highlight market whitespace and take the guess work out of your product development and national expansion strategies.

Cannabis gummies and flower with trends data overlay

Pair deep inventory data with social media insights for a 360 degree view of what’s happening on shelf, and why.

Menu Data

Discover a comprehensive view of the products available on dispensary shelves across the United States with our digital menu audits.

Our extensive database includes thousands of dispensaries and covers key product details such as flavor, ratio, strain, positioning, and dosage.

Social Data

Our social listening portal provides a curated collection of essential data gathered from the most popular social media platforms, organized by product type and positioning category.

Get behind the trends and learn the why behind what’s happening on-shelf with verbatim posts and more broadly applicable insights through Natural Language Processing.

Cannabis products and accessories on white background

Know your footprint.

Quickly and cheaply see which brands are winning in every state and every category around the country.

■ Build a data-driven innovation pipeline

Ensure your product development is backed by robust product trends, attributes and social listening data.

■ See what's moving

Understanding products on shelf helps your team identify emerging trends before they crest.

■ Position the perfect product

Identify opportunities in each market with brand-level product data.


Master market trends.

Compare how brands and attributes move on the shelf in each state to uncover white space for new product launches. The available filters by state, product type, and attribute provide the ultimate control as you analyze. We offer this national product landscape with forward looking data at a fraction of the cost of traditional POS services.

Up-to-Date Segment Innovations

Drive new product development by tracking new products and trends across your industry.

Product Category Overview

Recognize whitespace with ease by viewing the trends worth jumping in on.

In-Depth Research

Get in-depth monthly insights from our research team on the trends driving the cannabis industry.

Attribute Trends

Identify and understand emerging trends before they crest based on the types of products and attributes moving on dispensary shelves.

Growth Rate Metric

Identify precise growth trends with Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) across all views.

Social Insights

Cannabis-centric dashboard revealing social chatter on topics, products, brands, and more.

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