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People who like weed like weed.

You’d think that would be a good thing for cannabis brands. The weed practically sells itself. But there’s a catch. Selling the product is easy. Selling your product is hard.

You know that amazing sugar that’s all the rage on TikTok? Neither do we, because it doesn’t exist. Sugar is a commodity. It sells itself too, for a couple bucks a pound. Yikes

So, what’s the solution? Brand. Your brand is the only tool you have. Because if cannabis wallows in commodity status, we’re all in trouble because all that’s left to compete on is price.


Since 2015 Brightfield has been helping cannabis brands discover valuable insights to cultivate customer-centric strategies.


Find more consumers and increase brand loyalty. Brightfield is the singular destination for actionable insights into the cannabis consumer. We help companies betters serve their customers by helping them identify and develop products that meet their true needs.

Empower your marketing team with tools to build a brand strategy and develop messaging that creates authentic consumer relationships.

Brand Health

Quantify your brand strategy by understanding how your brand resonates with customers and the whitespace that sets you apart. Build your marketing scorecard, perfect your brand strategy, and benchmark your performance vs. competitors.

Learn how well your marketing is working, allocate your marketing budget to what counts, and building brand equity over time.


Cannabis consumers have granted Brightfield an intimate look into their lives online, including what they post, who they follow, and what matters to them most. Combined with our consumer data portal this social listening offers a window into buyers that you will not find anywhere else.


Take a wide-lens view of the market to quantify the opportunities in cannabis to build a profitable business plan.

Power your strategic plans with forward-looking market trends across the US, Canada, and internationally – everything you need to know about cannabis in one place.


The most comprehensive state-level view of emerging trends in the cannabis industry. Take the guesswork out of your product development and national expansion strategies.

We offer an affordable alternative to POS data to drive product development and expansion strategies. Effortlessly identify the leading brands across states and categories nationwide to fuel decision-making.


Partner with Brightfield Group’s Insights Team to design projects, collect data, and discover insights across the areas that are most important to you.

Quickly identify the ideal market, field test your ideas, and cultivate enduring customer relationships with a tailored approach. Leverage our custom research and reporting to gain prompt clarity at each product development stage, as emerging markets move swiftly.


On the road to CPG.

The cannabis industry is evolving from commodity vendors to a full-fledged CPG sector driven by innovative brands.

Like mainstream CPGs, our brands cater to specific customers with unique values and needs. But from there we diverge.

Cannabis users are deeply passionate about the plant, often viewing it as part of their identity. You just don’t get that from breakfast cereal. People eat corn flakes, but you don’t see many corn flake tattoos.

To create a successful brand that truly resonates, it's crucial to understand your audience. What drives them. And establish a deep connection that goes beyond just selling a product.

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