Humanizing consumer data

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Humanizing consumer data

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We measure what's hard to measure.

​We cut our teeth in the CBD and Cannabis industries, back when they were new, complex, and changing daily.

They still are. All emerging markets are difficult to quantify. But that's what we do. ​

How do you calculate the volume of rapids, the speed of a swarm, or the precise velocity of a mood swing? It’s in the data. Emphasis on the plural. ​

We thrive in environments with little precedent and constant change. We examine every problem from all directions to sift, sort, stack, compare and draw meaningful conclusions.  ​

Spot the next trend with multidimensional data.

Consumer Insights

Get the data you need to build authentic customer relationships. We collect detailed consumer data integrated with a deeper read into social presence. Identify target personas, understand product usage, and identify unmet market needs with confidence.

Brand Health Tracker

Effective performance monitoring in emerging markets requires a view from the consumer lens.  Our syndicated Brand Health tracker sets you up for growth by empowering your team with insights that help build a marketing scorecard, perfect messaging, and benchmark performance versus competitors.

Distribution Trends

We audit the digital menus of thousands of dispensaries around the United States to give you an up-to-date view of the products available on shelf, with added social media insights to provide color into the real-world consumer reactions to product trends and launches.

Market Landscape

Take a deep dive into market features and trends, with sizing and 5-year forecasts by product type and distribution channel.​ Read the competitive landscape with product trends and innovations and detailed company profiles. We offer a view across the US, Europe, LaAm, and the Asian Pacific region.

Custom Research

Find the ideal market, field test your ideas, and develop long-term relationships with your customers with a bespoke approach. Emerging markets move quickly. Leverage our custom research and reporting for quick clarity at every stage of product development.

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Uncover the motivation in consumer data

Empower your entire team.

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Inform marketing content and target core consumers, leveraging need states that drives them to purchase.​

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Allocate budget based on current, real-world market activity to optimize revenue and insulate yourself from market volatility.​

Develop products for a waiting audience to expand your share of wallet and capture new consumer segments.​

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Finance & Sales
Pitch with confidence using investor pitches and sell decks that make compelling arguments driven by multidimensional data.​

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We're masters of nuance in the cannabis market.


Get the data you need to build authentic customer relationships. We collect detailed consumer data integrated with a deeper read into social presence. Identify target personas, understand product usage, and identify unmet market needs with confidence.


If someone develops a product to compete with McDonald's, they don't have to worry about a shadow market for chicken nuggets. ​

Cannabis companies aren't so lucky. Their biggest competitor is an invisible underground economy few data sets can reach.​

Grey markets are invisible consumers to most data sets, but Brightfield's consumer data includes all consumers, even the ones shopping underground.

Amplify your POS data with customer insights.​

POS data is important, but it isn't enough.

You have the what, now add the why.

To penetrate an emerging industry, you must know your consumers well enough to predict what they're going to do. ​

Brightfield's deeply curated perspective gives you a multifaceted view of the industry and an actionable plan for your brand's forward momentum.​

> the sum of its parts

You need a multi-dimensional perspective deeply rooted in the consumer. Sentiment, desires, needs, wants. What they will admit to and what they only hint at to friends and family.​

But your perspective must also be broad enough to account for the political, economic, and regulatory factors emerging markets are uniquely vulnerable to.

CPG Spotlight: Limiting the Infinite

You worked hard. You were smart, stayed attuned to your market, and beat the odds. And success! You're on shelf. So what's next?

Anything. Literally. Anything.

There are a million different vectors to follow from here, and most of them are wrong. And when they're wrong, they're expensive. You have a hunch. Okay, hunches. Dozens, actually.

If there were only a way to validate your intuition. Well, now there is.

When you’re extending products for your exisiting consumers or finding new consumers for a whole new line, you need to track the trends that matter. Stay focused. Old data tell you about yesterday's consumer. You're selling to today's.

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