Concept Testing

Innovation has never been simpler.

We approach concept testing with cost and responsiveness in mind. By targeting specific answers at any point in the product stage-gate, we help you create better products your customers will love.

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Proud Partner of the Mile High Innovation Lab

Take your product ideas all the way from concept to prototype, to consumer testing and feedback, to commercialization. The Innovation Lab is a novel product development platform purpose-built to give you the confidence to develop, launch and scale new products in this booming segment of the health and wellness industry.
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Stage 1: Ideate

Scope and refine your next innovative product.
We work alongside your team to develop comprehensive surveys. Our flexible database allows us to tie your custom data back to larger trends - amplifying the value you get from our research.

Stage 2: Position

Attract customers with the right design and messaging.
Reach the right consumers and get their thoughts on new positioning statements, images, and more with expert analysis from our team.
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Stage 3: Validate

Test your new product with ideal consumers.
We conduct in-depth interviews with your ideal customer to understand why they use your product, what they like, and how it can improve. Our responsive research process allows us to efficiently get the comprehensive results you need.
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