Concept Testing

Ensure you put your best work forward.

Big decisions like packaging, branding, and product changes need testing by the right consumers before they enter the market.

Get ahead of any wasted budget with our concept testing solution that digs into consumer preference, new audience identification, willingness to purchase, and more.

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Here's how our process works to drive faster results:

Identify the Audience

Whether it is your existing customer segments or prospective consumer attributes, we work with you to find the ideal testing environment.

Develop the Test

We explore need states, demographics, usage behaviors, perceptions of your concept, price sensitivity and more. Our surveys are launched, optimized, and measured in-house, enabling us to stay in tight coordination with you throughout the fielding process.

Map to our Comprehensive Database

Our proprietary consumer database is constantly growing with thousands of CBD and cannabis consumers. This builds a realistic foundation for more responsive testing, new consumer penetration, and better-decision making.

Analyze with Real Humans

Data can tell you one thing, but people tell you the story. Our experienced team of researchers dive into the survey results to pull relevant insights and develop an actionable plan.

Deliver the Answers

We package up the data, insights, and plan and walk you through the results in an in-depth conversation - answering any clarifying questions you may have.

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