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In Washington, one of the most mature cannabis markets in the US, pear and elderberry edibles flavors have seen consistent growth in the past six (6) months.

Based on this information, a brand in Illinois looking to launch a new flavor, could look to this more mature market to uncover ideas around which flavor innovations would perform well in that market. Looking at Illinois directly, pear edibles have experienced shrinking across share of shelf while elderberry does not yet have market presence. Given this analysis, elderberry could be a good flavor to bring to dispensary shelves in Illinois as a differentiator. Book a demo and see how you can discover insights like these in your state.

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Our Product Category Overview reveals the share of dispensary shelves for each product category, plus how it’s changed over time, state by state. Nationwide, flower and pre-rolls have significantly more share of shelf than edibles and drinks, but this won’t be the case in each state. The Top Brands by State chart provides a quick view of the top brands on shelf by state and allows filtering by Product Category Overview to zoom into one state’s shelves.
Filtering on Colorado – one of the most mature US cannabis markets – we see flower and edibles are more equally distributed on shelf. Compared to the nation as a whole, Colorado consumers are seeing more edibles& drinks options when they look at dispensary shelves. Edibles brands looking to break into or expand out of the Colorado market would need this context to best plan their entry strategies.
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The Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) shows us the growth (or decline) in attributes and brands on the shelf based on the last 6 months of data.
By understanding what’s growing over 6 months rather than month to month, we can spot the strongest growth trends among attributes. In this example, we look at the top growing flavors nationwide. The steady increase of edibles flavored simply as “fruity” on shelf may indicate a trend toward more generic edibles flavors.
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Looking to strains, Sunset Sherbet is a strain growing on shelves nationally, rising to 1.58% share of shelf in May 2022. The Product Trends chart allows us to see what products Sunset Sherbet are most popular. The data shows flower & pre-rolls take the biggest share of Sunset Sherbet products. However, vapes and concentrates with the strain experienced positive absolute growth – which tells us there are more Sunset Sherbet vapes and concentrates on shelf today than there were 6 months ago.
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Going one step deeper, we can use the new Product Innovations Directory tool to see examples of Sunset Sherbet products on shelf. Filtering on the strain, we can see High Garden’s Sunset Sherbet flower with a category, subcategory, and strain data plus the brand’s product description and image.
Innovations & Disruptors
Other Sunset Sherbet products in the directory include:

STIIIZY - Sunset Sherbert
Live Resin Pod

Jungle Boys - Sunset Sherbert
x Mike Larry Flower

Dogwalkers - Sunset Sherbert
Mini Dog Sit Pre-Rolls

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