Jamie Schau
Head of Research

Jamie Schau has been with Brightfield for over three years. She started as a part-time market analyst and has since ramped up to full time in 2018. Jamie has evolved along with the company and wears many hats. Her primary responsibilities include rounding up raw survey and menu audit data, interview responses, publishing state data and other information collected through qualitative desk research and communications with cannabis community experts, and transforming all of this into easily digestible market reports Jamie collaborates with the rest of the team to interpret data and look at the market from different angles. Beyond looking at the general U.S. recreational and medical cannabis markets (and consumer profiles and brands within that spectrum), she also studied and analyzed the international and CBD markets in great depth.  Jamie also contributes to our blog and various publications we work with, such as The Weed Blog and Cannabis Business Times.  Jamie has a diverse background and has experience in Higher Education, International Relations as well as international experience such as spending several years in Chile developing a Corporate Social Responsibility startup. She graduated from UCSD in 2011 with a degree in International Relations where she met Director of Research, Bethany Gomez.  

Jamie’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Quantitative (data crunching) & qualitative (online and in-person research) analysis
  • Data Storytelling 
  • Customized Projects
  • Presentations & involvement with the Cannabis Community