Cannabis Consumer Insights

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Dive deep into the minds of cannabis consumers.

As cannabis goes mainstream new consumer segments are emerging.

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Uncover in-depth coverage on key customer metrics including:

1) Demographics

2) Cannabis usage patterns

3) Paths to purchase

4) Personality and motivators

5) Lifestyles, Interests, and Influencers

6) Alcohol & Tobacco Substitution Effects


Brightfield’s AI-driven predictive marketing can help identify likely consumers using social-media metrics and cannabis use patterns. Our machine learning and natural language processing helps clients gain insights that:

1) Materially cuts customer acquisition costs

2) Identifies and illuminates deep understanding of addressable core consumer groups

3) Informs nuanced messaging to specific core consumer groups

You are the curator, and the data is at your disposal. Apply our products to find solutions in areas like: New Market Entry, Product Development, Brand Development, Marketing & Advertising.

No matter the size or stage in company life cycle.

Cannabis Consumer Insights

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Cannabis Consumer Insights

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