81% of Pet CBD Buyers Find it Effective and Many are Forgoing Prescription Drugs

New Data Identifies the Potential of the Pet CBD Market

January 30, 2020 - Chicago, Illinois - In their recent report, Brightfield Group, the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and cannabis industries, provides previously unknown insight into the consumer and market landscape for the pet CBD industry. Based on a recent survey, 48% of pet CBD buyers stop using prescriptions for their pets once they try CBD, indicating significant potential for this growing market. The industry grew 946% in 2019.


Key highlights from the data:


-      64% of consumers buy pet CBD to reduce overall levels of anxiety or stress for their pet. The ailments pet parents are looking to address in their animal mirrors the human conditions that consumers often turn to CBD to combat, including joint pain, anxiety, and seizure relief.

-      The pet CBD market is estimated to grow to $1.7 billion by 2025, driven primarily by wide consumer appeal and the high probability of more mass pet retail chains, supercenters, and product manufacturers entering the industry in 2020.

-      74% of current pet CBD consumers have discussed Pet CBD with their veterinarian and 80% received an enthusiastic response during the conversation with their vet. A vet’s ability to discuss and prescribe CBD for animals is currently a legal grey area.

“The combination of anti-pharma sentiment, increased use of natural remedies, and overall affection owners have for their pets has led to pet CBD growing very quickly. We found that 93% of total respondents agree that their pet is an important part of their family.” Brightfield Research Director, Kay Tamillow, explains.

The findings in this new report suggest that large CBD brands are well-positioned to gain a foothold in the growing market with many smaller players all vying for market share. Further fragmentation of the market is likely to continue in the medium term even as the category becomes increasingly saturated as entrepreneurs and large CPG players see Pet CBD as an attractive market bringing together several trends: general health and wellness, pets as valued and pampered members of the family, and increasing interest in natural and holistic health products. 

About Brightfield: Brightfield Group is the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and Cannabis industries. They work with well-known brands, manufacturers, and agencies across the world, providing strategic data, insights, and guidance for these dynamic markets. Leveraging a unique multi-source approach, Brightfield Group delivers a holistic, forward-looking view into the everchanging brand, market, and consumer landscape.