US CBD Market to Grow 700% Through 2019

Comprehensive Insights Uncover Widespread Market Shifts

July 9, 2019 - Chicago, Illinois - In their recent report, Brightfield Group, a leading market and consumer intelligence firm for the legal CBD and cannabis industries, uncovered numerous shifts across the U.S. CBD industry, signaling a seven-fold increase in the market. With hemp-derived CBD gaining in popularity – in line with health, wellness, and anti-pharma trends – and product availability and variety increasing, the market is on track to grow to $23.7 billion through 2023.

“The CBD market has been growing rapidly, but we will see unprecedented growth in 2019,” Brightfield Managing Director, Bethany Gomez, explains. “The bulk of this growth is coming from large retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger entering the market and providing that availability to consumers.”

Key highlights from the report:

-     Though they entered the market only this year, mass retail chains will eclipse all other channels in 2019, hosting 57% of sales this year

-     Although tinctures still dominate the market, driving 25% of sales, they are losing their lead as more mainstream consumer-friendly products surge

-     Topicals (17% of market) and skincare & beauty products (8%) have gained tremendous traction as mass retailers have signed on to carry these products first, since they are considered the safest bet under the current regulatory regime.

-     Natural food and smoke shop CBD revenues continue to grow and thrive – with increased uptake across the country and some level of saturation now that vendors feel more secure and confident carrying product. Notably, though the CBD market is no longer dominated by cannabis users, dispensaries and recreational shops have also seen an uptick in CBD-oriented traffic

-     1.0% of CBD companies were in the top tier (with sales of $40+ million or being sold in greater than 1000 stores) while 92.9% of companies were in the low tier (with sales of <$1 million or being sold in 0-100 stores)

Note: Since this press release was written, Brightfield Group has updated it's US CBD market sizes and forecasts through 2025.

About Brightfield: Brightfield Group is a predictive market and consumer intelligence firm focused on the legal CBD and Cannabis industries. Their analytic solutions leverage data from millions of sources, enabling customers to get the most holistic view possible while drilling down into the fine details. They provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable market and consumer insights that transform the best of research and technology into long-term business growth.