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Enlight is our insights discovery platform that empowers you to gain a holistic view of the most dynamic industries of our lifetime - CBD and Cannabis.

Leveraging our unique methodology, take control of your entire business' strategy with comprehensive, actionable data and grow with confidence.

Consumer choice in CBD is often binary - it works or it doesn't. After that, decisions are made based on brand preference. This puts a ton of pressure on your messaging, packaging, and what your company stands for.

Build a standout CBD brand that resonates with your core consumers, optimize gaps in your purchase funnel, and stay on top of the competition with brand health tracking.

Consumers are everything. They have the power to grow new industries, create seismic shifts, and even phase out markets. Your consumer insights should be as extensive as the work you do to win them over.

Dive into the most comprehensive consumer data for CBD and Cannabis that cuts through the clutter.

The foundation to any good business is robust and realistic market research. Businesses need to understand the market from a product, distribution, and geographical perspective in order to get the best understanding. Combine that with in-depth research analysis and you really have a tool you can trust.

Make better decisions and grow with confidence knowing your research is grounded in multi-sourced, forward-looking data.

Cannabis companies are constantly in new product development mode. New brands and products are launching every single day, making it challenging for these businesses to stay on top of emerging consumer and market trends.

Stay ahead of tomorrow by analyzing emerging product attributes like flavors and dosages alongside the most disruptive product launches.

Consumer Insights

From consumer insights to brand health, our platform grows with you and your business.

brand health overview
CBD Brand Health

Optimize your brand for a competitive advantage.

Users can dive into real data from real people on brands across the CBD landscape to drive:

• Marketing, Sales and Social Strategies
• Values-Based Brand Alignment
• Customer Segmentation
• Partnership and Acquisition Strategies

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Consumer Insights

Deeply relate to your next customer.

Our social-integrated consumer data maps real consumer behaviors to their online activities, fueling:

Content, Marketing and Sales Strategies
• Brand Alignment and Optimization
• Product-Market Fit
• Customer Acquisition

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Consumer Insights Interests
Market Landscape
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Pet cbd landscape

Get ahead in the pet CBD market.

Get the full picture of the pet CBD market by leveraging consumer and market data alongside in-depth analysis from our team of experts.

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Cannabis Innovation insights

Know what consumers want tomorrow, today.

Trends in cannabis are changing nearly everyday. Stay on top of what consumers want tomorrow with new product launches and trending attributes linked with social media volume and conversations.

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cannabis trend prediction
Market Landscape
Market Landscape

Plan with confidence.

Explore market sizes and forecasts, regulatory updates, competitive landscapes, product innovations, in-depth research analysis, and more in our Market Insights portals - specifically designed for a holistic view of the markets you serve.

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