International CBD market Data

Get a global perspective on your CBD business.

Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific are emerging in the global CBD industry, each with their own ways of making their mark.

Focus on the regions that matter to you with any of our International CBD Market portals.

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Establish your presence in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Market Sizing & 5 Year Forecasts

Get a look into the future with our market projections sourced from comprehensive research.

International CBD Industry Analysis

Our Research Analysts provide their multi-industry perspective and break down the most important, business-impacting information.

Competitive Landscape & Brand Positionings

Know how your competitors are positioning themselves, which channels they have entered, and key strengths of the companies.

Product Type & Distribution Analysis

Create a more complete strategy by filtering the market data by product type or distribution channel as well as reading our Analysts' perspective on the findings.

Country-by-Country Breakdown

Explore how each country differs in market sizes, product types, and distribution channels.

Product Innovations

Stay on top of the latest products for both CBD and cannabis.

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