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Whether you're looking for investment opportunities or just trying to size up the legal landscape in your area, we understand that actionable data on the cannabis industry can be hard to come by, and is often incomplete or inaccurate. This is the void that Brightfield Group is committed to filling.

Next Level. Insights

We offer traditional market research insights into the legal cannabis and CBD industries and take it to the next level with our AI-driven consumer research.

We study consumption patterns, demand trends, and regulatory developments at the international, state and local levels to bring you a detailed, quantified view of your specific market. We do this by utilizing the same cutting-edge research analytics used by Fortune 500 companies to identify lucrative new market entry points. Whether you are an angel investor or a brick-and-mortar dispensary owner, we can help you pinpoint the growth drivers in your area that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Next Level Leadership: Market Research meets AI-driven Expertise

Brightfield Group is comprised a team of experts across the country with years of experience analyzing opaque markets with the most sophisticated analytical and statistical tools available. We believe in the value of getting it right the first time, and know that poor decisions based on faulty data can sink your business. Our team is also joined by data scientists who are using machine learning and AI driven technology to provide the most holistic view of the cannabis industry and its consumers. Meet our Team

Next Level Methods: Multi-source methodology & AI-driven Consumer Research

It’s time to rethink consumer research. Consumer research has long relied upon expensive tools to gain insight into the attitudes, lifestyles and unmet needs of your core consumers. This leads to broadly targeted marketing strategies and wasted resources in both research and advertising budgets. 

Brightfield’s AI-driven predictive marketing solution offers brands the ability to identify and predict likely consumers using their social-media behaviors. Our machine learning and natural language processing helps clients gain insights. 

We're excited to share our insights with you. Join Brightfield Group today and allow us to show you this explosive new industry how only we see it.

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You are the curator, and the data is at your disposal. Apply our products to find solutions in areas like: New Market EntryProduct DevelopmentBrand DevelopmentMarketing & Advertising.

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