About Brightfield

We are a dedicated team of data scientists, analysts and researchers that understand, and know how to grow, emerging markets.

Brands, distributors, investors, manufacturers, and retailers are held back by inconsistent and incomplete data. Through intelligent, AI-driven analytics and a holistic research approach, we enable the long-term growth of the legal CBD and cannabis industries.

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Our Methodology

AI-Driven Consumer Exploration

Traditional market research companies cannot operate in the world we live in today. Data needs to be accessed from multiple sources, in real-time, and provide companies with meaningful insights relevant to their business goals.  

Our proprietary AI technology leverages machine learning and natural language processing algorithms combined with social listening to gain in-depth insights on consumer consumption behaviors, purchase patterns, motivators, and personality attributes.

Primary Research

Our analysts and researchers have degrees in global policy, qualitative research, data science, and psychology, bringing forth a best-in-class academic approach to data collection. By conducting thousands of interviews with our data partnership network - encompassing hundreds of brands, retailers, consumers and manufacturers across the supply chain - we turn academic discoveries into business solutions.

Multi-Faceted Market Analysis

A multi-source approach is vital for actionable data. We scan the internet for thousands of publicly available data points. Digital menus, published financial documents, regulatory updates, and sales data are monitored by our team for relevancy and accuracy around the clock.

Discover what clear, actionable data can do for you.

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