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Our Story

As emerging industries, CBD and cannabis are incredibly dynamic, terribly messy, and increasingly complex. Each company has difficult questions they are trying to answer while navigating the unknown.

These answers must factor in the nuances and complexities in order to craft compelling, data-driven stories.

The structure of this data needs to weave together the narratives of human intellect and machine brilliance - adapting to shifting dynamics and the growing sophistication of emerging industries. Without this structure, the story is incomplete.

On their own, the brand, consumer, market, social, or product data are not enough to extract the insights that drive great business decisions. Data can tell you one thing, but people can tell you the whole story.

Fueling tomorrow's favorite brands with data-driven answers for the CBD and Cannabis industries since 2015.

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Our Values

Humanize The Work

We have fun, take our work seriously, and help real people solve real problems.

Commit to Creativity

We are dedicated to helping each other exceed our creative potential.

Think Bigger

Big ideas drive us - and our clients - forward.

Our Team

We are proud to have a team of brilliant human beings that transform their passion for finding answers into actionable plans for our clients.

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