Next Level. Market Entry Strategy

Give your cannabis or CBD market entry strategy the support it needs with our comprehensive data on the fastest growing markets. Identify opportunities geographically and support your strategy with competitive insights, market sizing forecasts, product categories, brand shares and regulatory issues.

Identify White Space

Identify data-driven opportunities for the cannabis industry. Where and what you can develop to enter the cannabis market. Use our market size reports to identify high growth categories (like CBD in Beauty Products). Identify up and coming states, or, understand mature market geographies to enter (are you more California or Florida?).

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Eliminate Roadblocks

For cannabis the Devil is in the Details and each state is unique. Let us guide you through the specific regulations that may cause your entry strategy to veer off path. Understand what you can do, who to watch out for and where you should operate to amplify your strategy’s chances for success. Assess the competition (what are the top CBD topical brands?) and see where your brand can stake a claim.