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The recent emergence of the CBD (Cannabidiol) industry has created an entire new market space in the United States. Legalization has created new attitudes and types of consumers, creating incredible opportunities for growth for new entrants and mature companies alike. With full legalization on the horizon, the CBD market is exploding.

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Our CBD Market Research includes the most robust research on this competitive market:

1) Intro & Overview: Trends & What to Watch

2) Regulatory updates to keep you in the know

3) Competitive Landscape to track market leaders

4) Clinical Trial & Research Updates

5) Product Innovations by Segment (featuring Beauty, Pet, Drinks etc.)

6) Consumer Profiles to help you understand your customers

7) Definitions & Nuances of key CBD terms and implications

8) Market Sizes, forecasts by distribution channel and product type

9) Geographic analysis to bring your business to your consumer

Want to know more about the CBD consumer? Take a look at Understanding Cannabidiol, as featured in Forbes, a free consumer insights report on HelloMD users & their experience with CBD & other medications.

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CBD Market Research

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CBD Market Research

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