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Support your strategy with our Cannabis International Market Research

Cannabis legalization is going global. Presenting the industry with new opportunities and new risks. Canada is leading the way but markets are starting to open in Europe, Latin America and beyond. 

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We can help you break down opportunities: understand where to start deploying resources now and where to wait; know the impact the regulatory framework will have on growth; get a detailed analysis of competitors; distinguish between short term and long term opportunities. Every country that opens this market is doing so differently and comprehending this nuance will be key to success.

This package provides a 79 page report (40 pages on Canada) and analytics on each country’s market. What's covered:

1) Market Sizes - Historical and 5 Year Forecast

2) Medical and Recreational Segmentation

3) Product Type Breakdown

4) Canadian Province Breakdown

5) Analytics on market value, forecasts, growth rates, per patient, per capita.

6) Detailed Brand Share Discussion

7) Competitive Environment Analysis

8) Supply Chain Analysis

9) Market Opportunities and Challenges

10) Key Investor Takeaways


This package is structured like our other research: holistic, accurate, and actionable.

Find solutions in areas like: New Market Entry, Product Development, Brand Development, Marketing & Advertising.


Canada & International Cannabis Market Research

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