Next Level. Insights on CBD & Cannabis Consumers

As cannabis goes mainstream new consumer segments are emerging.

Use our consumer data to align your brand with the right audience.

Next Level. Consumer Insights 

Our portal is designed to give you insight into the dynamic personas of cannabis and CBD users. You have the ability to completely customize and define our data to generate your own data driven ideation. 

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Uncover in depth coverage on key customer metrics including:

1) Demographics

2) Personality & Motivators

3) Cannabis and CBD Usage

4) Lifestyle & Interests

5) Alcohol & Tobacco Substitution Effects

6) Extensive Digital Profiles

AI Driven Methodology

It’s time to rethink consumer research. Consumer research has long relied upon expensive tools to gain insight into the attitudes, lifestyles and unmet needs of your core consumers. This leads to broadly targeted marketing strategies and wasted resources in both research and advertising budgets. 

Brightfield’s AI-driven predictive marketing solution offers brands the ability to identify and predict likely consumers using their social-media behaviors. Our machine learning and natural language processing helps clients gain insights. From there clients can create programmatic messaging/advertising that:

The portal is your key to unlocking the information that separates you from the herd.


You are the curator, and the data is at your disposal. Apply our products to find solutions in areas like: New Market Entry, Product Development, Brand Development, Marketing & Advertising.

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