Europe’s CBD Market is Estimated to Grow Over 400% Through 2023

New report uncovers in-depth insights at the country and continent level.


March 26, 2019 - Chicago, Illinois - In their recent report, Brightfield Group, a leading market intelligence firm for the legal CBD and cannabis industries, estimates that the European CBD market will boom over the next four years. The market was estimated at $318 million in 2018 and is expected to grow over 400 percent through 2023. This is the first time predictive CBD data has been published for Europe.

 "CBD is just starting to take hold in Europe, with both product availability and consumer awareness still quite limited. This is a great opportunity for developed brands to enter and expand through Europe with far less competition than we're seeing in the U.S. With the Novel Foods Act, it is a challenging legal environment to operate in, but impending regulatory changes are likely to smooth the way for significant mid-term growth," Brightfield Managing Director, Bethany Gomez, highlights. CBD has been well received on a greater scale, especially in countries that already have medical or recreational cannabis programs and there are growing efforts in countries with no cannabis or CBD programs to have one or both in the coming years.


Some additional insights from the report:


·       The largest CBD markets in Europe today are those of the United Kingdom (UK) and Austria, each of which made up an early $80 million market in 2018. The UK is expected to remain a market leader over the medium-term, though Germany’s growth is expected to outpace that of other EU countries,

·       One key growth driver is countries, such as Switzerland and Spain, that are building out and improving regulations surrounding product quality - both in the cannabis and CBD markets - boosting consumer confidence 

·       Some of the top distribution channels are in smoke shops – CBD is often regulated like tobacco – and grocery stores.


About Brightfield: Brightfield Group is a predictive market intelligence firm focused on the legal CBD and Cannabis industries. Their analytic solutions leverage data from millions of sources, enabling customers to get the most holistic view possible while drilling down into the fine details. They provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable market and consumer insights that transform the best of academia, data science and research into long-term business growth.