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Why Social Listening & Predictive Analytics?

Find Your Audience

Consumers have more power than ever in the history of the CPG category. This is why we place them at the center of everything we do. We create vast ecosystems of data from surveys, social scrapes, and other methods in order to truly understand the opportunities of an industry. We put this data together according to your needs and help you find your customers and monitor the industry in a customized, data-driven way.

How It Works

We’ve created a predictive analytics model that identifies both current and potential consumers through their social-media behaviors. Developed by academics who now lead our own research team, our Social Listening & Predictive Analytics dynamic solutions deliver on three prime business functions.

Targeted Marketing

With our advanced methodology, we can help clients build programmatic advertising that:

  • Delivers nuanced messaging to specific audiences
  • Abides by all restrictions of the respective platform
  • Continually evolves to allow for more definition and segmentation
  • Quickly builds brand recognition while remaining cost-effective
  • Monitors market share, sales data, click-throughs, and other pertinent stats

Due Diligence

By bringing Wall Street–tested algorithms to the cannabis market, we provide potential investors with real-time reviews of industry brands. We can forecast brand health up to two quarters out using deep sentiment analysis that considers everything from market share to competitor performance to inventory levels.

Brand Monitoring

Companies can take advantage of the aforementioned algorithms to audit the health of their online brand presence, as well as that of their competitors. This will also help gain insight into which customer segments are responding to which media. All reports are updated in real time, and clients can expect continued support through monthly reviews with a dedicated analyst.

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