Rebranding O.penVAPE to Promote Expanding Product Portfolio

August 5, 2017

Recently it was announced that O.penVAPE will be rebranded as Organa Brands, allowing the parent company to take advantage of its strong reputation and distribution network. The strength of the O.penVAPE brand will undoubtedly benefit Organa Brands as it continues to expand within the Concentrates market, as well as beyond into Edibles. With a presence in nine states nationwide, many of which it commands a leading share in cartridges, O.penVAPE is one of the industry's strongest brands. Nationwide, concentrates and edibles are expected to see strong growth in recreational and medical markets alike[1], surpassing flower entirely in several states, as cannabis consumers swap out the traditional flower for newer and healthier forms of consumption. O.penVAPE's expansion in the concentrates category and entrance into edibles positions the company well in these high-growth product categories, allowing it to sustain growth in the near term. In the near future, sales in these marijuana product categories are expected to surpass flower product sales in some markets such as Colorado.




Organa Brands is also the parent company to Bakked, District Edibles, and most recently The Magic Buzz. Bakked gives Organa Brands additional presence in the Concentrates category, which will be beneficial in capturing additional market share. O.penVAPE, despite being a top Cartridges brand in several markets, holds 25% or less of the total Concentrates market in the states below so there is room for growth for Organa Brands in this product category.



O.penVAPE’s solid relationship with its distributors/licensees will prove to be beneficial in growing Organa’s brands in the Edibles market. Magic Buzz and District Edibles products are currently only available in dispensaries in Colorado, where they command a very small share in their respective categories (drinks and gummies).  However, with the backing of Organa Brands, these brands should be expected to increase distribution significantly over the coming months and are definitely brand the competition should be keeping an eye on.   




[1] According to Brightfield Group Estimates Edibles sales in the U.S. is projected to have an annual growth rate of 24% for Medical and 60% for Recreational markets. Growth rates are projected to be 26% and 74%, respectively, for Concentrates