Opioid Addiction: Winning the war

October 26, 2017

Following pledges during his campaign to make fighting addiction a top priority, CBS New York reports that “President Donald Trump intends to direct the Department of Health and Human Services to declare the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency” today, according to White House officials. Though the move is important, concerns remain that it won’t make enough of a difference in this widespread crisis, which, “according to the Centers for Disease Control, [killed] more than 50,000 Americans … last year alone.”[1]

According to Brightfield Group research, another valuable and often overlooked tool available to help win the war against opioid use and addiction is cannabis: specifically, its non-psychoactive derivative cannabidiol (CBD). In the most in-depth consumer survey to date on cannabis usage patterns (available for free download here), Brightfield Group and HelloMD looked closely at feedback from over 2,400 respondents regarding CBD and its effectiveness vis-a-vis pharmaceuticals.

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In the study, we found that nearly half of respondents (46%) who had previously used opioids to treat their various conditions had given them up completely to use cannabis instead.  And they are very happy with the results, with the majority considering cannabis to be extremely effective or very effective in treating their medical conditions.  

The fight against opioids is a massive undertaking, and it will require a multi-pronged approach – one that should not exclude CBD, a weapon with the potential to have a powerful impact on the nation’s reliance on opioids.

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