New Products & Features on the Horizon for Brightfield Group

August 3, 2017

Brightfield Group has some exciting new market research products on the horizon for cannabis investors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Our researchers have been compiling the most in-depth analyses of all aspects of the legal cannabis industry – looking at markets, companies and consumers. Our revamped website and portal technology provide you with easily interpreted snapshots of the industry, or, complete datasets with interactive features. Our dynamic market research changes along with this volatile market space, helping you remain competitive with the industry.

New Products 

Our products include Consumer, Brand and Market Insights for the cannabis industry. Our multi-source methodology provides a unique and complete view of the legal marijuana industry to help you make informed investment decisions in both emerging & established marijuana market spaces.

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Check in on the competition with our Brand Insights

See how your brand compares with the competition in our monthly Brand Tracker! Our Brand Tracker gives you up to date information on key product categories in the nation’s key cannabis states and metro areas. Explore top categories such as edibles, concentrates, or sub-categories like capsules, cartridges, chocolates & more. Check out some of California’s leading manufacturers with our company profiles, which give a deep dive into each company’s market share, distribution, core consumer base and customer satisfaction levels. Profiles include some of California's most successful manufacturers such as G FarmaLabs, Venice Cookie Company, Cheeba Chews, Kiva, EdiPure, Korova, Bhang. Caviar Gold, Auntie Dolores, IVXX (Terra Tech) and others.

Break out of stoner stereotypes with our Consumer Insights

Get in touch with your consumer and recognize that legal cannabis consumers come in many forms. Our profiles explore consumer preferences, spending patterns & more to help you reach the right customers and build a strong brand strategy.

Our data looks into legal cannabis consumers - who they are, what they care about, what products they purchase & what makes them loyal. Through qualitative feedback and quantitative purchase behaviors, our methodology provides a holistic view of what consumers want and need from their marijuana brands.

Learn more about your customers! Our unique reports include; demographic attributes, deeper psychographics, satisfaction levels, what turns them on to new products, why they repurchase products & how you can reach them. Consumer profiles have been constructed for Millennials, Budget Consumers, Health Conscious Consumers, High Social Status Consumers and Loyal Consumers. 


Get the lay of the land in top cannabis markets with our Market Insights

Our recently refreshed state and metro area reports offer actionable market insights and a fast way for investors to get up to speed on the cannabis industry’s regulatory environment, competitive environment, supply chain factors, market drivers and more.  We have research on every legal marijuana market to guide investors through expansion or entry into the emerging cannabis space.

Our reports provide an easy to understand view of the impact of regulatory measures, market dynamics, demand factors, competitive environment and growth potential on the state and metro-levels for the legal marijuana industry. 

You can also choose to dive deeper through our portal technology and access full data points to tailor your analysis and compare across markets.  

Portal technology that reacts to your business needs

Brightfield is committed to creating useful reports and complete access to our cross comparable data through our unique portal experience. Users can access reports that provide an analysis of key insights, or, make insights work for their business needs by choosing data points to compare and contrast in real-time. As business leaders you can download insights & reports for use in your presentations and analyses.  Interactive technology allows you to drill down to the data to research what works for your investment decisions.

Unique Methodology

All of our products leverage Brightfield Group’s multi-source methodology, leveraging synergies gained from every angle of the cannabis industry.  Our Consumer Insights are built based on surveys with thousands of medical marijuana patients and legal cannabis consumers. Our Brand Insights use monthly audits from thousands of dispensaries around the country, weighting algorithms with select POS data and interviews with key dispensary owners.  Our Market Insights synthesize all of these sources as well as national surveys, official statistics and our proprietary econometric forecast models to give investors a complete, top down view of the legal cannabis industry. 

We’re excited to share our insights with you. Join Brightfield Group today and let us show you this explosive industry. Stay tuned for our new website and products!

For more information contact us at  CONTACT@BRIGHTFIELDGROUP.COM