Cannabis Industry Social Media Showdown - March 2018

March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Brightfield Group is putting our ear to the social media ground. We’ve been tracking the top cannabis brands on Facebook (e.g., posts and followers), Twitter (e.g., posts by the brand and number of followers), Reddit, and other platforms. For the months of January and February, you can see our top 20 brand leaders that are getting lots of buzz in all of the arenas.

Top 3 Leaders: Marley Natural, Incredibles, & Heavy Hitters

brightfield group graphic of first second and third social media winners

Overall, Marley Natural is leading the pack with 108,019 Twitter Followers, 752,771 Facebook Followers, and 155,000 Instagram Followers. They’re keeping their customers salivating nearly every day with 46 Twitter posts, 24 Facebook Posts, 28 Instagram Posts, and 8 news articles in January and February. Close behind are Incredibles and Heavy Hitters! Check out the graph below for exact metrics.

Special Mention for individual platforms

Facebook Winner: Incredibles with over 100 posts in January and February on their Facebook Page!

Instagram Winner: Moxie Seeds and Extracts is regularly updating their Instagram with thoughtful beautiful posts. 

Twitter Winner: Korova Edibles with nearly 200 posts in January and February on Twitter!

chart of cannabis brands and social media presence by brightfield group
Chart of Social Media strength by followers and posts in each Social Media Channel by brightfield group

Staff "Pic" of the Month

We leave you now with our "Staff Pic" of the month for this SM Post by TetraLabs on their Instagram

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We’re excited to continue to this in the coming months. Stay tuned for April!

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