Incorporating CBD and Cannabis Beverages into Workouts

September 18, 2018

With the growing popularity and acceptance of cannabis and CBD, more and more applications are being explored. Most eyes have been on cannabis drinks as a substitute for beer, but Brightfield Group data has found that many cannabis drink users are actually turning to cannabis beverages to complement their workout routines - either to get in the zone for their workout or to aid with recovery. A 2018 Brightfield Group study shows that of current cannabis drink consumers, more than 68% report using cannabis drinks either before or after a workout or yoga practice. Most cannabis drink consumers (78%) are heavy users, consuming cannabis at least five times per week. For many heavy users, cannabis is an core component of their identity and is integrated closely into key aspects of their everyday lives - they use when they are relaxing at home, they use to get them through their workday and, increasingly, they use to achieve the desired effects both before and after a workout. 

This is a trend that should be kept top of mind as companies are considering new product launches and positioning of key cannabis and CBD brands - how can cannabis and CBD products optimally integrate with a pre-workout and workout recovery regimen. As innovation abounds in the cannabis and CBD space, more companies are positioning their products for sports and workout. Brands such as Canna4Supplements have already begun to enter the market, with CBD whey protein; but the market is still in its infancy. Their lines of functional powdered drink mixes have a distinct positioning for a well defined niche consumer segment interested in specific styles of fitness. Green Roads World has develop a branch dedicated to athletes and the fitness minded, Green Roads Athletics; recently sponsoring the North American Premier Basketball League (NAPB). This new positioning will clearly align the recreational athletic segment’s needs with existing CBD products’ benefits. Another player in this emerging market space is, Isodiol’s Aquivita. There are a few product offering for this brand, but one line in particular might appeal to fitness enthusiasts and athletes; Heneplex. This CBD infused water is positioned as a means to boost stamina and clarity, which can make all the difference in finishing a set, for the unseasoned gym goer.

If Coca-Cola, owners of the Gatorade franchise, do enter the CBD space as recent headlines suggest they are considering, this is sure to promote the further development of CBD or cannabis drinks as a functional ingredient for sports and workout usage and recovery.