Cannabis Branding at the Source

August 5, 2017

Edibles and other infused products are easily recognizable by name, and have enjoyed surging popularity. Cultivators could be doing far more to promote their own brands.

Clever names abound in the world of cannabis, but very little information is attached to them.Despite the increasing popularity of infused products, the sale of smokable flowers still dominates the cannabis marketplace. Surprisingly, there is little or no connection between flower and farm at the point of sale.

At the moment, the immense variety of cannabis strains on the market are differentiated only by name, classification, and potency. It is sold by the gram out of glass jars labeled by strain or in fixed-weight packages with the only visible brand being that of the retailer.

Unless cultivated by the dispensaries themselves, the buyer does not know the precise origin of the product and therefore cannot be certain of the consistent quality or characteristics of a particular strain. 

A common comparison is made to the wine industry, the marketing of which many hope to see emulated by cannabis. Different varieties of wine differ significantly depending on the vineyard where the grapes are cultivated. All Merlots, for example, are not created equal as slight variations in cultivation techniques can greatly affect the end product.

The same is true for cannabis. Depending on where it is grown, a sativa sold at one dispensary may be superior to the same sativa sold just a few blocks away. This presents a key market deficiency that cultivators can exploit to set themselves apart from one another as competition becomes fiercer. Cultivator brand recognition will play a critical role in this process.

The benefits of cultivator branding are many. It will incentivize high standards of quality assurance to ensure the integrity of the brand itself, creating a safer, more reliable product for consumers. It will also give growers name recognition for products from which they can gain a competitive advantage.

A farm that consistently excels in producing a particular strain of cannabis will want their brand associated with it at all times, fueling demand from both consumers and retailers and allowing specialization in that product. Recognized industry leadership in just one or two of the more popular strains of cannabis can add enormous value to a product and can become one of the key drivers of business growth.


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