California Monthly Brand Roundup - November 2016

August 5, 2017

Results for July and August suggest top companies Cheeba Chews, Kiva, Korova and Bhang dominate in edibles, Venice Cookie Company is climbing in share and Colorado brand Canyon Cultivation breaks into the top ten for drinks.  The market for concentrates is consolidating, though very slowly with much of the market going to unbranded products or small local brands.  Emu 420 breaks away from the pack in topicals, while top tincture and pre-roll makers hold on to their number one spots despite losing some ground to faster growing competitors. 


In the edibles category, Cheeba Chews[1] (7.17%, -0.64%), Kiva (6.77%, +0.07%), Korova(5.31%, +0.39%), and Bhang(3.17%, +0.13%) ranked as the top four California edibles brands for the fourth month in a row.  Each brand also continues to lead its respective subcategory, with Cheeba Chews maintaining its lead among sugar candy brands (30.28%, -0.64%), Korova maintaining its lead among baked goods products (25.68%, +2.88%), and Kiva(33.36%, +0.11%) and Bhang(12.93%, +0.38%) remaining in the top two ranks for chocolate brands. 

Still, the edibles market shows some dynamic movement: among all edibles manufacturers, the Venice Cookie Company (2.75%, +0.44%)trended upward, overtaking EdiPure and Trikom Treats to break into the top five for the first time in 2016.  And in the drinks subcategory, Canyon Cultivation (0.66%, +0.35%) became the second Colorado edibles brand to place in the top ten, after Dixie(5.12%, +1.17%).

[1](7.17% of California edibles market, down .64% from July)



Among concentrates manufacturers, Moxie Seeds & Extracts (1.89%, -0.63%) maintained its top position in what continues to be a very crowded field, although its overall brand share fell slightly.  Notably ascending brands for August include Delta 9 (0.90%, +0.49%),Bhang (0.77%, +0.46%), and Tetra Labs (0.78%, +0.36%), all rising into the top ten.  While such jumps may seem dramatic, the difference between most estimated brand shares are often less than a tenth of a percentage point, indicating intense competition in the market: as of August 2016, our data indicated 507 different brands of concentrates actively listed in California dispensaries.



Finally, our analysis of other subcategories reveals a consistent pattern of one or two dominant brands in the midst of otherwise crowded fields.  For example, Emu 420 (17.38%, +0.72%) remains atop the topicals category, Alta California Botanicals (4.21%, +0.00%) and Ancient Medicinal Herbs (4.16%, -2.09%) continue to lead the tinctures category, and Presidential Rx (21.21%, -1.58%) continues to be the state’s top-ranked maker of pre-rolls.  For these and other top-ranked brands, the key to market dominance is a wide distribution network: most leading brands are consistently stocked by 30-50% of the state’s dispensaries.

Data is based on our multi-source methodology, which includes surveys with thousands of California medical marijuana patients, menu audits of hundreds of dispensaries across the state, and in depth interviews with dispensary owners, among other sources.  For more information on our methodology, for additional brand, market and consumer insights in the cannabis industry, or for custom research needs, visit us at or reach out at