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This plan contains all the research and analytics we syndicate. Looking at the U.S. and around the world, it gives brands, investors and agencies the deepest, most comprehensive look into cannabis consumers and all their markets.

Market Insights

Market sizes and forecasts to 2021 for all US cannabis markets: national, states and major metros.

  • Segmented by Medical and Recreational.
  • Category (Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, etc.) and Subcategory (Infused beverages, chocolates, cartridges, etc.) sales and forecasts.
  • Dynamic market analytics on value, growth, per patient, per capita and more.
  • In-depth State reports where analysts break down what's driving the market growth, key competitors, growing trends, regulation implications, supply chains and more.
  • Every markets important so we provide the same in-depth analyst reports for the top 10 metro areas.
  • Product pricing analytics for each category and subcategory for each state and the top 10 metros.

Consumer Insights

Detailed usage statistics by state: heavy, moderate and occasional users.

Detailed consumer profiles:

  • Budget Friendly Consumer Profile
  • Social Status Consumer Profile
  • Millennial Consumer Profile
  • Health-Conscious Profile
  • Loyal Consumer Profile

COMING SOON - Consumer Insights Portal

Brand Insights

Monthly brand shares for each category and subcategory; each state and the top 10 metros.

In-depth profiles of California companies.

Canada and International Markets

Market sizes and forecasts for Canada and 13 other countries around the world.

Analytics by category and subcategory: size, forecast, growth rates, per patient, per capita, etc.

Detailed brand share analysis for the Canadian market.

Analysis of the best international business opportunities.

Coverage of Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

CBD Insights

Segmented by Hemp-derived CBD and Marijuana-derived CBD.

Market sizes and forecasts to 2021 by category and subcategory.

Detailed analysis of the leading brands in both segments.

Monthly brand share tracking of Marijuana-derived CBD categories and subcategories.

Investment tips for the CBD market.


One year access to our research and analytics portal to view, manipulate and download the info you need anytime.

Access to our staff of full-time analysts to answer your questions.

Continuous updates and briefs sent out to our clients.

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