Consumer insights

The consumer insights that drive sales

Unmatched visibility into who your consumers are and what drives them.


Our powerful toolset helps you leverage the forces that truly shape consumer behavior.

With Brightfield’s Consumer Insights you can:

Meet them where they are

Smart marketing spend reaches consumers where they are now. Know where they get their information, how they spend their time, what they’re buying, how much, how often, where, and why.

Speak to them in their own language

Reach customers on a personal and emotional level by mirroring the way they speak about shopping for and engaging with your product across multiple social channels.

Sell to their needs and desires

Humans aren't rational creatures, and we don’t always know what moves us. Craft messaging that speaks directly to what they deeply need and develop and emotional connection.

Engage their personalities, opinions, and interests

Marketing that sparks a conversation drives engagement. Develop persona profiles and marketing strategies that speak to a deep understanding of who your customers are, what they like, and what they’re thinking.

Shift the conversation to their lives

Use first-person consumer data to shift the conversation to your customer’s life and how you can improve it. Target not just who they are but who they want to become.

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Mine insights to foster a customer-first philosophy across your entire company

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Persona profiles
  • Targeted marketing
  • Engagement
  • Resonant messaging
  • Anticipate trends
  • Improved innovation pipeline
  • Anticipate trends
  • Improved innovation pipeline
Know your customers

Get 360-degree insights into your customers

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Eavesdrop on the market

Find out what your customers are really saying

Infer what your consumer really wants from what they say they really want.

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